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Some of the best times to visit Rome is in the spring and fall. Easter week, however, is often one of the very busy seasons. July and August can be very hot, so be certain your place of residence has A/C. The Christmas season is an excellent time to visit, but also one of the most expensive.

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Passage to Roma

Welcome to Passage to Roma


This is the companion site to our Day Tours of Rome - Passage to Roma DVD series.


When we decided to begin creating the entire "Passage To" series, we wanted to go far beyond normal travel videos. We did not want to focus on bars, restaurants and hotels. Instead, we wanted to get into the reasons people visit places...to see things, to learn about them and to make their trips as enjoyable as possible. We hope to answer the questions that people constantly ask. We want to show the sites that are ignored or missed by the casual tourist. We wanted to show how to save both time and money. We believe we are accomplishing all of that. Read the below article on the Day Tours of Rome to learn more about this product.

With this website we hope to provide you with a central point for information about Rome. There is a huge amount of information on the web about this wonderful city, the problem is that it is scattered all over the web. We are trying to put it in one place.

It is not necessary to register for this website, as all areas are freely accessible.

The Library area gives you access to categorized information that you can view or download. These include maps for public transportation, MP3 audio guides, a printable guidebook and official Rome tour brochures.

The GoogleMaps menu provides you with a map of Rome where we have laid out the tours and individual locations. Associated with each location is an MP3 audio description of that location.  In the Churches map, we have posted the actual locations of over 60 churches in Rome. We use the word "actual", because in many maps, including Google, the printed locations are sometimes nowhere near the actual location. Each location pin has information on the individual church. On both of these maps you will find a link at the bottom of the map which allows you to open the map up in its own page, to make seeing it much easier.

The Online Video Tours are full-length, but reduced resolution streaming videos for all six tours. These allow you to easily view the tours or even download them to a laptop, netbook or smartphone to play while traveling. Let's face it, traveling around any place you are not familiar with can be a daunting task. We hope to make that much easier.

The Favorite Bus Routes is a direct link to Rome's ATAC busline and metro system. We have picked out our favorite routes for getting around the city and seeing the sites using this excellent, although sometimes confusing, bus system.

The Referrals area is dedicated to those companies and individuals that we have had personal dealings with and wish to highlight them. Many of these companies have decided to sponsor us in our "Art, Architecture and History of the Churches of Rome" video series that is now in production. These are not advertisers and they do not pay for being placed here.

The All Things Roman area is a fun section. Be certain to check on the In Rome Now for constant updates on things going on in the Eternal City.

The Photo Gallery is an ongoing project for photographs in and around Rome.

Please be aware that we are continually building and adding to this site. You will see certain features and functions change, we do this to hopefully make it easier for you to find information. This will take a while, but then Rome wasn't built in a day.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the both the Rome travel video and this site.




Day Tours of Rome E-mail

Day Tours of Rome - Passage to Roma 2010 is available through our site in a special Producer's Version, which includes all six tours and in the highest quality available on DVD. It is a completely new version of and update to our very successful Passage to Roma DVD. To purchase this version of the DVD, you can do so by clicking on the PURCHASE DVD menu option and then choose which version you need, depending on the location it will be played.

We have changed the tours, added in dozens of sites, even more information. On the standard retail version, sold through Amazon and our other distributors, due to their production constraints, those discs consist of five half-day tours on the DVDs, plus a sixth tour that is available to everyone online and for download. Over 95% of this new series has been shot in High Definition, but even on standard televisions the video quality is amazing. The only areas we had to rely on our older shots were locations that were undergoing either construction or archeological digs.

Visit our site often for more information.

Churches of Rome E-mail

Ourr new video series "The Art, Architecture and History of the Churches of Rome" is still in production.  We will be back in Rome in early 2012 doing our final footage for the series.   Based on the monumental book by Father Joseph Tylenda, S.J.- "The Pilgrim's Guide to Rome's Principal Churches", published by Angelus Press, this video series will take the viewer into over three dozen of Rome's most important, but often seldom known or visited churches and basilicas.

The video series will provide a detailed insight into the artists, the sculptors, the architects and the historical importance of these fantastic locations throughout Rome. While the series will include the major basilicas that are known around the world, it's primary focus is on the lesser known, but historically significant houses of worship that have had a dramatic impact on western civilization for almost two millennium. While this is not a religious series, the religious aspect cannot be denied. These buildings and the artistic treasures they hold have had a direct impact on our modern ideas of art, sculpture, architecture and civilization. Without these, we may have never heard of names such as Michelangelo, Carravaggio, Bernini and many more.

We anticipate completion of this multi-disc series in mid- to late summer 2012.